Your Safety

At the Reykjavík Global Forum – Women Leaders 2021 our Conversationists’ safety is our top priority.

With COVID-19, there are many challenges to bringing people together in person, but all of us are committed to taking decisive action to ensure that we can offer both in-person and digital opportunities for this year’s Forum and do so in a safe way.

Everyone entering the Forum space is required to undergo Covid-testing in Harpa on both Tuesday (9th) and Wednesday (10th). You must register to get a QR code for your covid test. Tests can be booked through this link

There will be testing time-slots every fifteen minutes. Testing starts at 7:30 and ends at 15:30 and will take place in Harpa on Tuesday (9th) and Wednesday (10th). Please allow for 30 minutes for the test results to come back.

Practical advice if travelling to Iceland

Safety measures in Harpa

Reykjavík Global Forum Bubble

Safe in Harpa

Everyone attending the Reykjavík Global Forum will be tested on site and will need to present a negative covid result before gaining access to the Forum. This is to ensure that everyone attending the Reykajvík Global Forum is safe while in Harpa.



Rapid antigen test booths will be present in Harpa on both Tuesday and Wednesday. Everyone entering the Forum needs to pre-register through the link provided below, which allocates you with a time and barcode. Test results come back in around half an hour. Testing is free of charge.
Register here

Outside of Harpa

Outside of Harpa

While we are taking all possible measures to ensure the safety of our community while at the Forum, we cannot take responsibility for your health outside of it. We therefore ask our Conversationists to be careful and make sure safety measures are being followed wherever they go.



Effective 5 November, Iceland has a mask mandate. All those attending the Reykjavík Global Forum will be kindly asked to respect this and wear masks while in attendance. Masks will be provided.

Medical Attention

Pharmacies are called “Apótek” and are open during normal business hours. Only a few are open at night. Medical Care can be obtained by visiting a Health Care Centre, called “Heilsugæslustöð” in Icelandic, during opening hours.

For information, call +354-585-1300 or visit the website about Health Care.

Medical help: There is a medical centre or hospital in all major cities and towns in Iceland. The emergency phone number (24 hours) in Iceland is 112.
Health insurance: Citizens of EEA countries must bring their EHIC card (European Health Insurance Card), otherwise they will be charged in full. Non-EEA citizens are not covered by the EEA regulations and will be charged in full. Special vaccinations are not required to enter Iceland.

For further information, contact the Icelandic Health Insurance: Tel.: +354-515-0100. Office hours: 10:00–15:00. 

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Pre-registering your arrival & ordering a test for your departure –

Guidelines for entry to Iceland

Information on Covid-19 related rules and regulations in Iceland (available in multiple languagues)

General information on healthcare in Iceland

Icelandic Health Insurance (IHI) homepage