Restaurants and cafés

Lunches will be catered on 9 and 10 November in Harpa as per the programme.

Please find a list below for some recommended restaurants and cafés in Reykjavík for your own enjoyment:

Restaurants recommended Link About Distance from Harpa Private room

Öskjuhlíð Great view of Reykjavík.  Perlan is a Reykjavík landmark. 3,5 km No

Laugarvegur 59 A one Michelin star New Nordic restaurant. 1 km No
Coocoos Nest

Grandagarður 23 Know for one of the best brunches in Reykjavík. 1,4 km No

Aðalstræti 12 Great for fish lovers. Great food and location. 800 m. No
Matur og drykkur

Grandagarður 2 In Grandi area. Mentioned on Michelin guide website. Old recipes are given modern twists, resulting in delicious dishes with a creative edge. 1,4 km No
La Primavera 

Grandagarður 20 Located in Grandi area. Great food in a nice building. Combines food tradition from northern Italy with premium Icelandic ingredients. 2,1 km No

Seljavegur 2 Cool – newly opened restaurant. New York industrial style. 1,3 km. No

Frakkastígur26a Run by a woman. In a small old house next to Hallgrímskirkja. Small and cosy. Very good food.  Maybe possible to get the loft for a private group. 1,1 km No

Austurstræti 16 Icelandic, very central, nice atmosphere, cool, good food. 500 m. No

Lækjargata 2A Run by a woman.  Nice atmo. Modern look. Good food. 500 m. No
Duck and Rose

Austurstræti 14 Nice and cool. Good food. Very central. 500 m. No

Klapparstígur 28 New and very popular at the moment. Cool and good location. 650 m No

Laugarvegur 77 Used to be bank branch. Cool, modern and lifely. Nice private room for a group. 1,2 km. Yes

Laugrvegur 28 Mentioned on Michelin guide. For group bookings. Very cool experience.

Hidden counter dining experience at the back of the lively Sümac restaurant. Very expensive.

750 m. Yes



Cafés recommended Link About Distance from Harpa
Reykjavík Röst

Geirsgata 5 Great coffee shop by the Old Harbour – they also do sandwiches and pastries and it’s a good stop for breakfast, brunch, or lunch if you are taking a trip out of the Old Harbour or returning from one. Little bit expensive. 800 m
Cafe Loki

Lokastígur 28 Located across the street from Hallgrímskirkja church in downtown Reykjavik you will find Kaffi Loki. A traditional Icelandic home style restaurant serving classic Icelandic cuisine. Quality food prepared on location, wonderful employees and friendly prices. 1,1 km
Kattakaffihúsið /

Cat café

Bergstaðastræti 10A Kattakaffihusid is Iceland’s first cat cafe. Their aim is to create a warm and cosy atmosphere where people can relax, enjoy good food and meet the cats.

All cats are up for adoption and live at the cafe while looking for a future home.

750 m

Óðinsgötu 1 Organic cafe with healthy food and good coffee. 750 m
Mokka café

Skólavörðustígur 3A A classic Reykjavík café. Known as meeting point for artists. Great coffee, hot chocolate and classic traditional „vaffla“with jam and cream. 600 m
Sandholt café

Laugarvegur 36 One of Reykjavik best bakeries in the heart of Reykjavik. 800 m
Luna Flórens

Grandagarður 25 This delightful Holistic Bar & Boutique is truly like no other! Almost everything your eye catches in this magical place can be bought and savoured, whether it’s flowers, incense, crystals or cakes. Try mystifying cocktails made from local brews and natural ingredients, pomegranate mimosas, enchanting flower teas or locally roasted coffees. 1,5 km
Grái kötturinn/

Gray cat

Hverfisgata 16A Grái kötturinn is family owned and operated. The name Grái kötturinn means The Grey Cat. There is a saying in Icelandic that if you linger around the same place for a long time and frequently, then you are like grey cat to that place. Great breakfast and coffee. 500 m