• Getting invited to the Reykjavík Global Forum

Participation at the Forum is by invitation only, and there are limited places available. 

However, our steering committee would be happy to consider your request to join the Forum, should you be interested. Kindly send a short bio or CV and/or supporting documentation about your organisation to Your request will be reviewed by our team, and an official invitation will be offered if your request is approved.


  • What does it mean to be a Conversationist?

Every participant is registered as a Conversationist, as the Forum seeks to generate peer-to-peer dialogues among all who attend.

Nevertheless, the role of a Conversationist at the Reykjavík Global Forum is not merely that of an ‘attendee’ but as an invited leader – someone who can hear what is being said, add value to it, and share their passion for conversation. Hence, a Conversationist.


  • Interaction between Conversationists

There will be numerous opportunities for every participant to contribute actively and share their valuable views on a wide variety of topics. There are two main ways in which Conversationists will be able to interact during the Forum.

  • LeadersTalks: interactive, partner-led sessions set to generate impactful, meaningful, and inclusive conversations with the purpose of sharing issue-relevant best practises and approaches, and to openly exchange ideas and solutions with other women leaders across the globe. This is a crucial element of the programme, and all participants are therefore encouraged to be actively engaged. This year, LeadersTalks will take on a hybrid format: a mix of virtual and in-person Talks that form part of the main programme. All Conversationists are encouraged to register for those LeadersTalks they would like to attend. Available Leaderstalks are listed on the Programme page. These are limited-number gatherings, therefore access is on a first-come, first-served basis. Click on Register Here in a programme item to start the registration process for a leaderstalk.


The Forum also features four hours of ‘Conversation Stages’ each day. This content will be available both on the event platform and publicly on our website and the Forum’s YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.