LeadersTalk with Vital Voices: Power and persistence: Afghan women leaders

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The status of women and the peace and prosperity of nations are inextricably linked. As the world is watching Afghanistan crumble as the Taliban takes over, Afghan women in the country and in exile risk their lives and livelihoods for progress. In the months leading up to US troop withdrawal, the Taliban perpetrated a targeted assassination campaign against women leaders. Hundreds of women human rights defenders, journalists, politicians, and other leaders were murdered because of their criticism of the Taliban and leading role in Afghan society. Hundreds of others managed to evacuate with the support of a coalition of women’s groups working around the clock to arrange flights, housing, food, clothing and other basic needs. Now many are scattered across the globe in transit countries looking to the future hope of returning to their leadership roles in Afghanistan one day.

  • Alyse Nelson, Co-Founder, President and CEO Vital Voices 
  • Rina Amiri, Independent policy and mediation advisor and a senior fellow at the NYU Center on International Cooperation and a senior fellow at the NYU Center for Global Affairs
  • Zainab Salbi, Founder of Women for Women International


Chaired by Donna Leinwand Leger, Chair of the National Press Foundation