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LeadersTalk with Vifor Pharma: COVID-19 pandemic: disparities and inequalities

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Inequalities between men and women in both national and international healthcare systems have been augmented by the pandemic. Women comprise the majority of the healthcare workforce globally. As a result, they have been more exposed to the effects of the COVID-19 while their needs have been affected by disruptions in healthcare systems. Women have been impacted by interruptions of reproductive and maternal health services. Shortages in blood supply have put women at higher risk for postpartum hemorrhage and the prevalence of anemia (more prevalent in women) has been indicated as potentially affecting the efficacy of vaccinations.  

  •     Maria Holtsberg, Regional Humanitarian Advisor and COVID-19 coordinator in the Asia-Pacific Regional Office, UN Women
  •     Naja Skouw-Rasmussen, Think Tank Officer, European Haemophilia Consortium
  •     Irene Mathilde Hoesli-Krais, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology University Hospital of Basel, Switzerland
  •     Isabel de la Mata Barranco, Principal Adviser for Health and Crisis Management, DG SANTE, European Commission

Chaired by Barbara Angehrn, Chief Business Officer, Vifor Pharma.