LeadersTalk with King’s College-Global Institute for Women’s Leadership: Beyond the pay gap. Reporting towards equality

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In cooperation with King’s College-Global Institute for Women’s Leadership

The Global Institute for Women’s Leadership recently published new research on the impact of women – men pay gap reporting regimes. This new work produced insights into the six country case studies but also recognised that pay gap reporting is just one tool for tackling one aspect of a much larger problem. Pay gap reporting can encourage employers to take action to promote equality amongst women and men in the workplace, which in turn contributes to reducing national pay gaps, raising awareness and initiating social change. However, action is also needed from government and business to go further by tackling major issues such as improving parental leave, increasing the availability of high quality, affordable childcare, addressing the undervaluation of women’s work and occupational segregation, as well as actions such as increasing pay transparency and ensuring a living minimum wage. This LeadersTalk will draw on global expertise to establish the next steps in achieving women’s economic empowerment.

  • Virginia Sondergeld, Chair of the Board of The Women in Economics Initiative
  • Henrike von Platen, CEO, Founder, Fair Pay Innovation Labab; CEO HVP Connect 


Chaired by Professor Rosie Campbell, Director of the Global Institute for Women’s Leadership