Reykjavik Global Forum

LeadersTalk with 66°North & Kronan: Pushing boundaries for sustainability: The Icelandic way

Meet at: Esja 3, Harpa

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In cooperation with 66°North & Kronan 

Leaders can and should push the boundaries of sustainability to do more. To re-use, recycle and use sustainable fuelled cars are effective ways of achieving sustainability. But the same attention should be given to the social and economic factors of sustainability. Without losing focus on the environmental factors of sustainability, this LeadersTalk will discuss the opportunities that dwell within the term sustainability when it comes to operations, equality, design, human resources and business decisions that can impact the future of a company, its customers and investors,  for the short term and for the long term.

  •     Halldór Benjamín, Director General, SA – Confederation of Icelandic Enterprise
  •     Bjarney Harðardóttir, Owner, 66°North
  •     Ásta S. Fjeldsted, CEO, Krónan
  •     Kristín Soffía Jónsdóttir, Icelandic Startups 

Chaired by Bergur Ebbi, Writer, performer; analyser, Mark Berg ehf